4/12/2020 Videos

Videos are on the home page of our website
They are only on Facebook for a short time
Facebook removes them so you must go to our website. 
Let everyone know this ok?

8/16/2017 Videos

 Videos are up sorry for delay.

5/12/2017 Videos

Sorry everyone but here are the videos 4-30-17 & 5-7-17


4/19/2017 4-16-17 Sermon

4-16-17 Sundays Sermon is on the website!

4/12/2017 4-9-17 Sermon

Sermon 4-9-17 is up on the web!

4/4/2017 Sermon

Sundays Sermon 4-2-17 is now up on the website.

Share it with your friends have them check out the website www.pbcupnorth.com 

Invite them to church!


3/29/2017 Sermon 3-26-17

Sunday Sermon is up on our website.

Share it with your friends.

3/6/2017 Sermon Videos

Just a note the Sermons are now only in video form

please let everyone know so they wont miss them.